Step 1. Select your valuation methods

Valuation methods are specific to endpoint groups, and sometimes to endpoints as well. The

only valuation methods which appear in the left side tree views are those which have the same

endpoint group values as the pooled incidence results which are available to be valued. To select

a valuation method, select it in the left side tree views and drag and drop it onto the appropriate

incidence result in the pooling window. Note that BenMAP will only allow you to drop valuation

methods onto incidence results which have the same endpoint group value. For example,

BenMAP will not allow you to drop a Mortality valuation on a Hospital Admissions incidence

result. Note also that you can only drag and drop individual valuation methods, not entire groups

of them. For explanations of the various valuations, see the appendix on the Economic Value of

Health Effects.

If you have added any of your own valuation methods, as described in the Valuation Data section

of the Loading Data chapter, you can drag and drop them in the same way as the EPA Standard



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