If you choose to pool at the first place where the Pooling Method field says None, the spot

corresponding to the Endpoint Group (Hospital Admissions, Respiratory), you will end up with a

single result representing all four of the original incidence results.

If you pool at both spots:

First, the HA, Chronic Lung Disease results are pooled to a give a single HA, Chronic Lung

Disease result.

Next, the three separate Endpoint results are pooled to give a single Hospital Admissions,

Respiratory result.

These same principles apply no matter how many incidence results are being pooled, and

regardless of which pooling methods are selected. Example: Multiple Pooling Windows

There are many different ways to pool your incidence results. Sometimes you may want to look

at the same results in different ways, or you may just have many results that need to be sorted by

different variables. In these cases, you can open up multiple pooling windows by clicking on the

Add button.


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