available, and various pooling windows on the right side representing the selected valuations and

pooling options.

There will be one pooling window in the Select Valuation Methods, Pooling, and

Aggregation screen for each pooling window Incidence Pooling and Aggregation screen. In

each pooling window, there will be one result present for each incidence result left over after all

incidence pooling has occurred. Each of these results will be represented by a “-- Select --”

value in the Valuation Method column.

The columns present in the Select Valuation Methods, Pooling, and Aggregation window

are determined by the incidence results left after all incidence pooling has occurred. There will be

exactly enough columns in each pooling window to represent the “least” pooled incidence result.

That is, the columns will be in the same order they were in the Incidence Pooling and

Aggregation window, but the only columns present will be those up to the level of the pooled

incidence result with the most columns left over after all pooling has occurred. Here is an



n351 - n352 - n353 - n354 - n355 - n356 - n357 - n358 - n359 - n360 - n361 - n362 - n363 - n364 - n365 - n366 - n367 - n368 - n369 - n370 - n371 - n372 - n373 - n374 - n375 - n376 - n377 - n378 - n379 - n380 - n381 - n382 - n383 - n384 - n385 - n386 - n387 - n388 - n389 - n390 - n391 - n392 - n393 - n394 - n395 - n396 - n397 - n398 - n399 - n400



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