If you add a second incidence result to the window whose health impact Function has the same

Endpoint Group, but a different Author, you will then have a tree with two items in it. The tree

branches at the point where the two health impact Functions vary - at the Author column.

Note that a pooling method can now be selected for the two incidence results, since a branch has

appeared. If we desired to pool these two incidence results, we would end up with a pooled

result representing two Hospital Admissions (HA), Respiratory incidence results.

If you now add four more incidence results to the window whose health impact Functions have

Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation

BenMAP User's Manual 179 October 2012

the same Endpoint Group, you will see the following:

Now you have many pooling options. Setting aside the issue of which pooling method to choose,

there are four different pooling options at this point (including doing nothing), since we have two

places where we can choose to pool or not to pool.

If you choose to pool at the spot corresponding to Endpoint (HA, Chronic Lung Disease) you

would end up with three results (one pooled and two unpooled) instead of four individual

incidence results.


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