Step 4. Create additional pooling windows if needed

Within a given pooling window, you can have only one ordering of the columns (variables). As

we have seen, however, the ordering of the columns determines the structure of the tree used to

pool results. It may thus sometimes be necessary for analyses to have multiple tree structures to

handle the various pooling trees they require. To facilitate this, BenMAP allows additional

pooling windows to be added and deleted. To open a new pooling window, simply click on the

Add button. You may do this as many times as needed to accommodate different sort orders.

You can add the same incidence results to as many different pooling windows as you like.

As needed you can also delete a pooling window by using the “-- Window to Delete --” dropdown

menu to identify the pooling window, and then hitting the Delete button. Example: Simple Sorting & Pooling

If you add a single incidence result to the right-hand window, you will see just one line, and

therefore no opportunities to pool. This shown in the example below.


n351 - n352 - n353 - n354 - n355 - n356 - n357 - n358 - n359 - n360 - n361 - n362 - n363 - n364 - n365 - n366 - n367 - n368 - n369 - n370 - n371 - n372 - n373 - n374 - n375 - n376 - n377 - n378 - n379 - n380 - n381 - n382 - n383 - n384 - n385 - n386 - n387 - n388 - n389 - n390 - n391 - n392 - n393 - n394 - n395 - n396 - n397 - n398 - n399 - n400



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