Each line in the pooling window represents a node in the tree structure, with each node

representing either an individual incidence result or a collection of incidence results which have

common values for their leftmost identifying variables. The tree structure is generated by

comparing the leftmost values of the incidence result’s identifying variables. High level nodes in

the tree are formed when results have common values for identifying variables, and branches in

the tree occur when the values differ.

In the above example, four incidence results have been dragged into the pooling window. Each

of the four health impact Functions has Endpoint Group Asthma Exacerbation. Thus, the top

line, or root of the tree structure, represents all four incidence results. A branch then occurs in

the tree structure, because two studies have Endpoint Asthma Exacerbation, Cough, while

two others have Endpoint Asthma Exacerbation, Wheeze and Endpoint Asthma

Exacerbation, Shortness of Breath. A further branch occurs within Endpoint Asthma

Exacerbation, Cough when Author of the two incidence results differs. Once a node has only

a single incidence result, no further branching can occur.

Step 2. Sort results

After dragging incidence results into the Pooling Window, you can rearrange the order of the

columns (variables), and thus change the tree structure. To do this, click on a column and hold

the button down as you drag it to its new location. Note that Endpoint Group is always the first

column, and Pooling Method is always the last column. All the other columns can be moved.

To see how the order of the columns in the pooling window affects the tree structure, consider

the following example:


n351 - n352 - n353 - n354 - n355 - n356 - n357 - n358 - n359 - n360 - n361 - n362 - n363 - n364 - n365 - n366 - n367 - n368 - n369 - n370 - n371 - n372 - n373 - n374 - n375 - n376 - n377 - n378 - n379 - n380 - n381 - n382 - n383 - n384 - n385 - n386 - n387 - n388 - n389 - n390 - n391 - n392 - n393 - n394 - n395 - n396 - n397 - n398 - n399 - n400



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