Step 1. Add incidence results to the pooling window

In the Incidence and Pooling window, you will see all the incidence results generated from your

configuration in the left hand column. You can drag individual incidence results, or groups of

Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation

BenMAP User's Manual 172 October 2012

results at any level of the tree and drag them over to the pooling window. Note that once you

drag a result or group of results into the pooling window it will still be displayed on the left side.

You do not have to drag all of your incidence results over into the pooling window, but note that

only those results showing in the pooling window will be included in the pooled incidence or

valuation results.

Incidence results are displayed in the pooling window in a tree structure determined by (1) the

order of the columns, and (2) the values of the identifying variables of the health impact Functions

from which the incidence results were generated (Endpoint Group, Endpoint, etc.).


n351 - n352 - n353 - n354 - n355 - n356 - n357 - n358 - n359 - n360 - n361 - n362 - n363 - n364 - n365 - n366 - n367 - n368 - n369 - n370 - n371 - n372 - n373 - n374 - n375 - n376 - n377 - n378 - n379 - n380 - n381 - n382 - n383 - n384 - n385 - n386 - n387 - n388 - n389 - n390 - n391 - n392 - n393 - n394 - n395 - n396 - n397 - n398 - n399 - n400



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