How do I edit or add other health impact functions?

To edit or add health impact functions you need to go to Modify Setup option in the Tools

drop-down menu available in the upper left-hand corner of the main BenMAP window. See

the health impact function section in the chapter on Loading Data for details on how to do this.

How do I learn more about the population data in BenMAP?

The appendix on Population Data for U.S. Setup describes the population data in detail.

Why did I not get results for a given geographic area that I wanted in my analysis?

Check to see if your air quality grids mapped properly.

Why does BenMAP give me a range check error when I try to run the configuration


If you get a "range check" error, it usually means that you are using files that are incompatible

with your current version of BenMAP. Make sure that the files you are currently using were

generated with the version of BenMAP that you have installed. If the problem persists,



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