How do I know which health impact functions to use? Which functions does EPA use?

One option regarding the choice of health impact functions is to work with someone, say

Incidence Estimation

BenMAP User's Manual 161 October 2012

another BenMAP user, who is familiar with the epidemiological literature and develop your

own set of health impact functions. Reviewing the epidemiological literature can be timeconsuming,

though in some situations, this might be the best option, such as if you want to

estimate the health impacts of carbon monoxide exposure, for which BenMAP does not have

pre-installed health impact functions.

Another option is to use the ozone and PM2.5 configurations used by EPA that come installed

with BenMAP. You will find them in the Configurations folder. If desired you can edit this

configuration and then save it under a different file name -- it is always a good idea to keep the

original version, so you can go back to it if needed!


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