When ready to generate incidence estimates, click on the OK button. BenMAP then requires

that you specify a file in which to save the results, with a “.cfgr” extension.

6.4 Open & Modify Existing Health Impact Configuration

To use the same settings as a previous BenMAP run, you can choose to open an existing

configuration. After clicking the Create and Run Configuration button, you simply choose

Open Configuration and click the Go! button. Once an existing configuration is open,, you can

do all the things with it that you would do with a newly created configuration - modify settings,

add and delete health impact functions, save it to a configuration file, generate results, etc.

6.5 Questions Regarding Health Impact Configurations

I got an error message the "specified Baseline file does not exist." What does that

mean and how do I fix it?

The path and/or the file that you have specified do not exist. Go back and ensure that the path

and file are correctly identified.


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