You can drag over the same study multiple times, and then make edits, in order to be able to

calculate the impact of changes in these variables. To edit Start Age and End Age, just highlight

the appropriate cell and type in the desired age values. Keep in mind that these age represent

inclusive age bounds, so if you type in 10 and 12 this will include all children ages ten, eleven, and

twelve years old. If you want just a single age year, then type the same year in both the Start

Age and the End Age. Note that the accuracy of the populations calculated for these age ranges

will depend on the specificity of the population data present in your selected population dataset.

At the same time you can edit the Race, Ethnicity, and Gender variables, by clicking on the

appropriate cell, and then scrolling through the drop-down menu. Similarly, if you have multiple

datasets to choose from, you can change the source of the incidence and prevalence data that is

used for each function. Use the drop-down lists in the Incidence DataSet, Prevalence

DataSet, and Variable DataSet fields.

6.3 Run Health Impact Configuration

To begin the calculation of incidence for the health impact functions in the configuration, you click

the Run button on the bottom right-hand corner of the Configuration Window that has the list

of chosen health impact functions. After clicking Run, BenMAP allows you to save the

configuration, or begin the calculation. If you wish to save the configuration for future use, click

Save and specify a file with a “.cfg” extension.


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