The Threshold indicates the minimum air quality value that BenMAP will use to quantify health

impacts. That is, air quality metrics below the threshold will be replaced with the threshold value.

With a threshold of zero, there is no impact on the estimates generated by the health impact

functions. However, as the threshold increases, then it will have a progressively larger impact on

the incidence estimation. For most analyses, a threshold of zero is appropriate, as there is little

evidence suggesting the existence of a threshold. Nevertheless, the Threshold option allows you

to explore the impact of any given threshold on the incidence estimation. This is also useful for

scenarios where you might want to know the incidence associated with changes in air quality

occurring above a standard.

The Point Mode and Latin Hypercube Points options allow you to generate an average

incidence estimate, or a range of results that mirror the variability in the inputs to the health impact

functions. With the Point Mode option, BenMAP uses the mean values of the inputs to the

health impact functions, and generates a single “point estimate” of the change in adverse health


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