6.2 Create Health Impact Configuration

If you choose to create a new configuration, there are two steps. First, fill out the Configuration

Settings form with the following options: the air quality grids for the Baseline File and the

Control File, the Population DataSet, Population Year, Threshold, and whether BenMAP

will run in Point Mode or use the Latin Hypercube Points option. In the second step, specify

the health impact functions that you want to use in your analysis.

6.2.1 Configuration Settings

The Configuration Settings window opens after you select Create New Configuration and

click Go!. In this window, you first specify the air quality grids for the Baseline File and

Control File. The baseline file contains the air quality metrics for the scenario assumed to occur

without any change in policy. The control file specifies the air quality metrics assuming that some

type of policy or change has been implemented. The air quality grids should be of the same

pollutant, and should also be based on the same grid-type. If you choose a particular grid type

(e.g., County) for the baseline file, then the same grid type must be used in the control file.

Conversely, it would not possible to use County grid-type in the baseline and a Tract grid type

in the control file.


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