After clicking the Create and Run Configuration button, you will be asked if you want to

create a new configuration, or open an existing one, if you have already created one that you

would like to use again. Select the desired option and click Go!. Below, we discuss the

subsequent steps for each option.

6.1 Introduction to Estimating Health Incidence

Health impact functions relate a change in the concentration of a pollutant to a change in the

incidence of a health endpoint (i.e., premature mortality or work loss days). It is typically derived

from the estimated relationship between the concentration of a pollutant and the adverse health

effects suffered by a given population. This relationship is called the concentration-response (CR)

function. For example, the concentration of the pollutant may be particulate matter (PM10),

and the population response may be daily premature deaths. For the purposes of estimating

benefits, we are not interested in the C-R function itself, but rather the relationship between the

change in concentration of the pollutant, and the corresponding change in the population health


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