A configuration is a record of the choices you make in estimating the change in adverse health

effects between a baseline and control scenario. The choices include the following:

The air quality grids for the baseline and control scenarios;

The year for the analysis;

The threshold for the analysis;

Whether the analysis will focus on a single “point” estimate (Point Mode), or a range of results

that mirror the variability in the inputs to the health impact functions (Latin Hypercube Points);


The health impact functions to be used in estimating adverse health effects.

Once these choices are made, they can be saved in a configuration file for future reuse. BenMAP

gives you flexibility in the creation, editing, and saving of configuration files. You can open an

already existing configuration, and proceed directly to the estimation of incidence. Or, you can

create a new one, and proceed with the incidence estimation. In addition, you may save any

edits made to existing or new configuration files. BenMAP saves configuration files with a “.cfg”

extension. After calculating the change in adverse health effects, BenMAP saves the results in a

“configuration results” file with a “.cfgr” extension.


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