Why does it take so long to generate an Ozone Air Quality grid if there are a lot of grid


It can take a long time to create an air quality grid because the file being generated can be quite

large. In some cases, air quality grids can be several hundred megabytes in size. (One reason

the ozone files are large is that the definition of ozone has, by default, four metrics. If you do not

need all of the default metrics for the health impact functions in your database, then delete the

unneeded metrics and BenMAP will run faster and will generate smaller air quality grids. This is

an advanced step, so do not do it if you are unsure.)

How do I access data in an Air Quality grid?

You can access the data in an air quality grid by going to the Tools drop-down menu and

choosing the Export Air Quality Grid option. (The Tools drop-down menu is available in the

upper left-hand corner of the main BenMAP window.) You then locate the air quality grid

from which you want to export air quality data and then give a name to your exported file.

BenMAP will generate a text file that you can then examine. This is discussed in detail in the

Tools Menu chapter.

How do I create Air Quality grids for a One-Step Analysis?

Follow the same steps outlined.


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