The Intraday Rollback Method option is only relevant for hourly pollutants, like ozone. This

option specifies the approach (e.g., Percentage) used by BenMAP to reduce hourly air pollution

levels to reach is only relevant for hourly air pollution data. That is, once you have chosen the

approach to reduce daily air pollution levels, on any given day there is more than one way to

reduce the hourly air pollution values to meet the targeted pollution level for that day. The

Background level associated with the Intraday Rollback specifies the bound, below which,

BenMAP will not make adjustments to hourly levels.

The Interday and Intraday options are complicated. The appendix on Monitor Rollback

Algorithms explains these options in more detail and gives some numerical examples.

Can I use air quality grids based on different Grid Types in the baseline and control


No. In any given analysis, you need to use the same Grid Type in the baseline and control



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