5.5 Questions Regarding Creating Air Quality Grids

How can I generate a map of an air quality grid and export it?

You need to choose the GIS/Mapping option from the Tools drop-down menu available in the

upper left-hand corner of the main BenMAP window. The GIS/Mapping option, as described in

the GIS/Mapping chapter, provides the option to map and then save air quality grids.

For the Rollback to a Standard option, why are there Interday and Intraday rollback


The Interday Rollback Method option identifies the approach (e.g., Percentage) to reduce

daily air pollution levels, in order to meet the specified standard. (In other words, there is more

than one way to reduce daily pollution levels so as to meet the standard you have chosen, and

BenMAP lets you choose from among several approaches.) The Background level associated

with the Interday Rollback specifies the bound, below which, BenMAP will not make

adjustments to daily levels.



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