The Attainment Test can also be used for seasonal metrics (by choosing previously defined

seasonal metrics from the drop-down list below Seasonal Metric), as well as for annual metrics

(by using the drop-down list below Statistic). For example, if you want the annual mean ozone

level to go stay below 60 ppb, then you would choose the daily 24 hour mean (D24HourMean)

from the drop-down list below Metric, choose Mean from the drop-down list below Statistic,

and set the Standard to 60. (Note that in this case Ordinality cannot be chosen because there

is only a single annual value.)

The Rollback Method parameters are Interday Rollback Method, Interday Background

Level, Intraday Rollback Method, and Intraday Background Level. These four

parameters determine the rollback procedures used to simulate out-of-attainment monitors

coming into attainment. The Interday Rollback Method and Background Level are used to

generate target values for the metric specified by the Attainment Test. The Intraday Rollback

Method and Background Level are used to adjust hourly observations to meet the target

metric values generated in the previous step.

BenMAP provides several types of Interday Rollback Methods (Percentage, Incremental,

Quadratic, and Peak Shaving) and several types of Intraday Rollback Methods (

Percentage, Incremental, and Quadratic). The methods involved for each can be somewhat

complicated, so we have included a section in the Monitor Rollback Algorithms appendix goes

through several examples.


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