To add a third rollback type covering the rest of the counties, click again on the Add Region

button, and then choose the rollback type. However, instead of choosing individually the states,

simply click the Select All button. This will select all of the states that are not yet included in a

region, and these remaining counties will now become Region 3.

In this third region, we have chosen a Rollback to a Standard, which involves two groups of

parameters - those associated with the Attainment Test, which determines whether a monitor is

in attainment (meets the standard), and those associated with the Rollback Methods, which are

used to bring out-of-attainment monitors into attainment.

The Attainment Test parameters are Metric, Seasonal Metric, Statistic, Ordinality, and

Standard. A monitor is considered in attainment if the nth highest value of a daily metric

specified by Metric is at or below the value specified by Standard, where n is the value

specified by Ordinality. For example, if Metric is D8HourMax, Ordinality is 4, and

Standard is 85, a monitor will be considered in attainment if the fourth highest value of the eighthour

daily maximum is at or below 85 ppb. In this step BenMAP calculates the metric to be

used to determine whether a monitor’s values must be rolled back and, if so, how much (e.g., if

Metric is D8HourMax, BenMAP calculates the 8-hour daily maximum for each day at each



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