Rollback to a Standard. Start by clicking on the Create Air Quality Grids button, and

choosing Monitor Rollback. On the Monitor Rollback Settings: (1) Select Monitors

window, select your pollutant (Ozone) and year (2000), and click Next. On the next window,

click the Add Region button and enter 10 for the Percent. In the previous example, we used

the Select All button to include all states in the rollback region. In this example we want to

create three regions instead, so just click on the three western-most states to add them to the

region. The states you have added to the region will turn yellow, as in the picture below.

To add states with a second type of rollback, click on the Add Region button, choose the

rollback type, and then click on the counties to include in this second region, which BenMAP

denotes as Region 2. In this example, we have chosen an Incremental Rollback of 5 and a

background of 20, and applied it to the 14 next western-most states.

The map now depicts two rollback regions. We can toggle back and forth between each region

by clicking on the legend on the left side of the map. Any counties that have not yet been

included in a region may be added to an existing region, or we may create one or more regions

for these remaining counties. Note that once counties have been included in a rollback region,

they cannot be included in a different rollback region. In our example, the three western-most

states are highlighted in gray.


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