2. Monitor Rollback Settings: Select Rollback Regions and Settings. In this section, you

can specify the type of the rollback method(s) that you would like to use, as well as the location

of the monitors that you want to rollback.

Choosing the Add Region button brings up the three rollback methods: Percentage Rollback,

Incremental Rollback, and Rollback to a Standard.

After choosing the rollback type, you then need to specify the amount of the rollback and the

region to which you want to apply it. In this example, we specified a 10 percent reduction, a

background of 0 ppb, and applied it to all monitors in all states by clicking the Select All. So,

BenMAP will reduce all observations for all monitors in all states by 10 percent.

Note that just above the map of the states there are four buttons, typically seen in mapping

programs, that allow you to zoom in and zoom out, and to focus on the particular groups of grid

cells that interest you.

At any time you can change the grid cells that you have selected. This particular example is quite

simple, so we will use a more complicated example below. After choosing the counties where

you want to rollback monitors, click on the Next button. BenMAP will then perform the

Air Quality Grid Creation

BenMAP User's Manual 146 October 2012

rollback you specified on the monitors in the grid cells that you have chosen.




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