There are three steps to the Monitor Rollback method.

1. Monitor Rollback Settings: (1) Select Monitors. Choose the Pollutant for the monitor

data. If you use data from an existing dataset, then choose the Library tab, and from the dropdown

list choose the Monitor DataSet and the Monitor Library Year.

If you want to use your own data, then choose the format tab that matches the data that you want

to load: Database, Columns; Database, Rows; or Text File. The file should have the monitor

data format specified in Load Data chapter.

Then choose the Rollback Grid Type from the drop-down list. This allows you to determine

Air Quality Grid Creation

BenMAP User's Manual 144 October 2012

how detailed the rollback scenario may be. If the whole region (e.g., United States) will have the

same type of rollback then you may simply choose a grid outlining the area of interest. If you are

interested in different rollbacks within a region, then you should choose a more finely detailed grid

definition (e.g., states).

When you have finished making


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