Example 5: Monitor and Model Relative VNA Method

Default options

Spatial and Temporal scaling

Again, assume the same monitors and monitor concentrations as above. Additionally, assume

that the future-year model value at the grid cell is 4 μg/m3, and that base-year model values at the

monitors are: 10, 14, 11, 17, and 15 μg/m3. (This modeling suggests that the future-year model

value at the grid cell is significantly lower than the base-year model values at the monitor.)

Incorporating the Spatial and Temporal scaling, BenMAP would calculate an inverse-distance

weighted average of the monitor values as follows:


5.4 Monitor Rollback

The Monitor Rollback option allows you quickly test what the benefits would be from reducing

historical monitor levels. BenMAP has three methods to reduce, or “roll back,” monitor data:

percentage rollback, incremental rollback, or rollback to a standard. Each of these methods are

depiocted below. Note that with each of these methods you can use the same two interpolation

algorithms (closest monitor, and VNA) as you can use with Monitor Direct and Monitor and

Model Relative.

Percentage rollback reduces all monitor observations by the same percentage.



n301 - n302 - n303 - n304 - n305 - n306 - n307 - n308 - n309 - n310 - n311 - n312 - n313 - n314 - n315 - n316 - n317 - n318 - n319 - n320 - n321 - n322 - n323 - n324 - n325 - n326 - n327 - n328 - n329 - n330 - n331 - n332 - n333 - n334 - n335 - n336 - n337 - n338 - n339 - n340 - n341 - n342 - n343 - n344 - n345 - n346 - n347 - n348 - n349 - n350


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