Identify and load your modeling data into BenMAP using the Base Year Model File box. If

temporal scaling is used, load your modeling forecasts using the Future Year Model File box.

The base year file should be created with modeling data which closely reflects the historical

conditions of the monitor data to be used. Typically multiple future year files will be used to

create multiple air quality grids for use in an analysis. That is, one future year file might represent

a future projection of current trends, while another might represent the results of implementing a

regulatory program.

5.3.1 Spatial Scaling

Spatial scaling involves only a Base Year Model File, and scales the concentrations of each

neighboring monitor by the ratio of the modeled concentration at the grid cell to the modeled

concentration at the grid cell containing the monitor. This approach takes into account what the

air quality modeling reveals about spatial heterogeneity in pollution levels. For example, if the

monitors are in relatively polluted urban areas, and the grid cell is in a relatively unpolluted rural

area, then the scaling will result in multiplying the monitor values with ratios less than one, and thus

produce lower values at the rural grid cell than would be estimated with interpolation of the

unscaled monitor data.

Spatial scaling, then, is useful because, while monitors provide invaluable information about

historical conditions, there are only a limited number of monitors. Many areas, particularly rural

areas, do not have close monitors. Model data can provide additional information that improves

the interpolated concentration estimates, and provides a more accurate picture of air quality.


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