Ozone Monitor Filter

The ozone specific options differ from PM10 and PM2.5 in large part because ozone is an hourly

pollutant. The Number of Valid Hours specifies the number of hours needed for a particular

day of monitor to be considered "valid." BenMAP counts the number of non-missing hourly

values from the Start Hour through the End Hour and compare this number with that specified

in the Number of Valid Hours.

The Percent of Valid Days specifies the percent of days between the Start Date and the End

Date that need to be valid for the monitor itself to be considered valid. The default is 50 percent

of the days between May 1 and September 30.


5.3 Monitor and Model Relative

The Monitor and Model Relative option lets you scale interpolated monitor values with model

data. As with the Monitor Direct option, you can choose Closest Monitor or Voronoi

Neighbor Averaging (VNA). In addition, you can scale the monitor values with three different

approaches: Spatial Only, Temporal Only, and Spatial and Temporal. As discussed below,

these approaches let you combine the advantage of the actual monitor observations with the

information provided by the models.

Monitor and Model Relative air quality grid creation is exactly the same as Monitor Direct air

quality grid creation with the exception of scaling. The concept of scaling is to use modeling data

to improve interpolation and/or forecast future air quality trends.


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