PM10 Monitor Filter

The Number of Valid Observations Required Per Quarter specifies the number of days of

data needed. The default is to require 11 observation per quarter. The Data Types to Use

option specifies whether to use Local data (parameter code 85101), Standard data (parameter

code 81102), or Both. The default for PM10 is to use both local and standard data. When

standard and local data are available at the same monitor location, the Preferred Type allows

you to choose which to use -- the default is Local. The Output Type option is designed to allow

you to make the data reasonably consistent when both local and standard data are used. The

default is to use the local output type, so standard data will converted to local.


PM2.5 Monitor Filter

The default for PM2.5 is to also require 11 observations per quarter. A key difference with 0, is

that only local PM2.5 data is used by default.


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