3. Restrict to particular states and/or latitude/longitude. You can choose monitors to

include from particular states, by listing the two-character state abbreviation (e.g., CA =

California). You can also choose monitors within particular latitude and longitude ranges. The

default values for latitude (20 to 50) and longitude (-130 to -65) completely includes the

continental U.S. Here again, if this option is left blank then BenMAP will include all monitors that

meet the rest of the selection criteria.


4. POC code. The Maximum POC specifies the highest POC value allowed in the data. The

default is a value of 4. And to choose one monitor when more than one monitor is in the same

location, the POC Preference Order specifies the preferred ordering of POC codes.

5. Methods. The Method codes listed depend on the pollutant. In the case of O3 and PM10, all

methods are checked by default. And in the case of PM2.5, only so-called federal-reference

methods (FRM) are chosen by default -- specifically numbers 116 through 120.

6. Monitor Objectives. The default is to choose all monitors regardless of monitor objective.

7. Parameters Specific to the Pollutant. The default options vary by pollutant. Below, we

have listed the windows that appear with PM2.5, PM10, and ozone.


n301 - n302 - n303 - n304 - n305 - n306 - n307 - n308 - n309 - n310 - n311 - n312 - n313 - n314 - n315 - n316 - n317 - n318 - n319 - n320 - n321 - n322 - n323 - n324 - n325 - n326 - n327 - n328 - n329 - n330 - n331 - n332 - n333 - n334 - n335 - n336 - n337 - n338 - n339 - n340 - n341 - n342 - n343 - n344 - n345 - n346 - n347 - n348 - n349 - n350


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