Example 5: Monitor Direct VNA method

Maximum Neighbor Distance = 75

Maximum Relative Neighbor Distance = 10

Inverse-distance squared Weighting Approach

Air Quality Grid Creation

BenMAP User's Manual 132 October 2012

Finally, you could specify changes to all three options: a Maximum Neighbor Distance of 75

miles, a Maximum Relative Neighbor Distance of 10, and a Weighting Approach of

inverse-distance-squared weighting. BenMAP would then calculate the following average:


5.2.3 Fixed Radius for Monitor Direct

The Fixed Radius method averages all of the monitors within a fixed radius (measured in

kilometers) that you specify. The the way that the monitors are averaged depends on the

Weighting Approach that you choose after clicking the Advanced button. You can choose

either Inverse Distance or Inverse Distance Squared weighting.

Note that the default option with the Fixed Radius approach is that BenMAP will not calculate an

average for a grid cell if there are no monitors within the fixed radius (distance) that you specify.

In the Advanced Options window, if you click Get Closest if None within Radius, then

BenMAP will calculate an average for those grid cells without any monitors within the fixed

radius, by reaching out and choosing the nearest monitor regardless of distance.


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