VNA interpolation has three advanced interpolation options, which can be modified by clicking

on the Advanced button at the bottom of the window:

Maximum Neighbor Distance (in km) specifies the maximum distance that a monitor may be

from a grid cell, and still be included in the set of neighbor monitors used to calculate air pollution

exposure at a particular grid cell. The default setting is infinite (i.e., no limit to the distance

Air Quality Grid Creation

BenMAP User's Manual 130 October 2012

between a monitor and the grid cell).

Maximum Relative Neighbor Distance specifies the maximum ratio for the distance of each

monitor to the distance of the closest monitor. The default setting is infinite.

Weighting Approach specifies whether BenMAP should use inverse-distance weighting for the

monitors, or inverse-distance-squared weighting of the monitors. The default setting is inversedistance




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