The Maximum Neighbor Distance specifies the maximum distance (measured in kilometers) that a

monitor may be from a grid cell (distances are calculated using the grid cell centroid). Cells

without any monitors within this distance will not be included in the resultant air quality grid. The

default setting is infinite (i.e. no limit to the distance between a monitor and a grid cell).

Note: Both the Maximum Relative Neighbor Distance and the Weighting Approach options are

irrelevant, since BenMAP is only choosing a single monitor to assign to any given grid cell.

5.2.2 Voronoi Neighbor Averaging (VNA) for Monitor Direct

If you choose the VNA option, BenMAP first identifies the set of monitors that “surround” each

grid cell’s center (these monitors are referred to as the grid cell’s neighbors), and then BenMAP

calculates an inverse-distance weighted average of these neighboring monitors. In this section,

we provide some examples of the different ways that BenMAP calculates the average of the

neighbor monitors. See the appendix on Air Pollution Exposure Estimation Algorithms. for an

expanded discussion of VNA, including how the VNA algorithm actually chooses the neighbor

monitors, as well as the different ways that it may be used.



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