BenMAP includes three interpolation methods. The Closest Monitor method simply uses the

monitor closest to a grid cell’s center as its representative value. The Voronoi Neighbor

Averaging method takes an inverse-distance weighted average of a set of the monitors

surrounding a grid cell’s center as its representative value. The Fixed Radius method averages all

of the monitors within a fixed radius. Each method is described below. For more detail, also

see the appendix on Air Pollution Exposure Estimation Algorithms.

In the middle of the Monitor Direct Settings window, you can choose the rest of the options to

create your air quality grid. You need to specify the Grid Type and the Pollutant. The choices

for Grid Type include only those that you have previously defined for the particular Setup in

which you are working. Similarly, the choices for Pollutant include only those that you have

already defined in your Setup. And you need to specify a source for your monitor data. In the

Library tab you may select data that you have already loaded into BenMAP.



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