The Model File specifies the location of the air quality model results that you want to import.

Table 5-1 presents the structure that these files must have, and Table 5-2 presents a sample data

file with a variety of metrics. (For more information on air quality models, the EPA website has

detailed descriptions of a variety of models:

5.2 Monitor Direct

Using the Monitor Direct grid creation option, you create an air quality grid directly from air

pollution monitoring data. At the top left of the Monitor Direct Settings window, you are

asked to select a previously defined grid definition from the Grid Type drop-down list, and a

previously-defined pollutant from the Pollutant drop-down list. And at the top right of the

Monitor Direct Settings window, you are asked to select an interpolation method. The

interpolation method is used to move from point-based monitor data to grid cell based air quality

data. That is, some grid cells will have many monitors in them, some will have just one, and some

will have none. BenMAP uses the interpolation methods to generate representative air quality

metric values for each grid cell from monitor data for all of these cases.



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