To start the grid creation process, click on the Create Air Quality Grids button. BenMAP will

then ask which of the following types of air quality data you wish to use:

Model Direct. Choose this option if you have air quality modeling data that you wish to use

directly. Table 5-1 below describes the input format for modeling data.

Monitor Direct. Choose this option if you wish to use monitoring data, without additional

modeling data.

Monitor and Model Relative. Choose this option if you wish to use a combination of monitor

and model data.

Monitor Rollback. Choose this option if you want to reduce monitor levels by a specified


Select your option and then click Go!. BenMAP will direct you through the necessary steps for

each option.

Air Quality Grid Creation

BenMAP User's Manual 125 October 2012

5.1 Model Direct

After choosing the Model Direct option, you need to specify the grid definition to which the data

file corresponds (Grid Type), the pollutant that the data is modeling (Pollutant), and the location

of your data file (Model Database).



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