Can I edit a population configuration?

No, you cannot edit a population configuration. You can only view a population configuration.

If the population configuration does not match your data, then you need to either create a new

population configuration to match your data, or reshape your data so that it matches the

population configuration.

BenMAP is not an air quality model, nor can it generate air quality data independently. Instead it

relies on the air quality inputs given to it. To estimate population exposure to air pollution,

BenMAP uses air quality grids that it generates from input air quality data (modeling and or

monitoring data).

BenMAP creates air quality grids to estimate the average exposure to ambient air pollution of

people living in some regularly-shaped area, or domain, such as that delineated by air quality

models, as well as more irregular shapes, such as cities or nations. However, BenMAP does not

estimate personal exposure. Instead, the air quality grids provide the average population

exposure for each grid cell that BenMAP can then use in health impact functions.

To create air quality grids, BenMAP uses a number of inputs, including modeling data, monitoring

data, or both. You may enter your own modeling and monitoring data, provided that the data are

in a format recognized by BenMAP.



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