4.3 Questions Regarding Loading Data

I've loaded new baseline incidence data, but BenMAP won't let me select it in the

configuration stage

When formatting these data for importation to BenMAP, take special care to ensure that you

Loading Data

BenMAP User's Manual 122 October 2012

have specified the health endpoints correctly. The baseline incidence rate must be associated

with a specific health endpoint and endpoint group in BenMAP. Be sure that you have

recorded the endpoint group and endpoint exactly as it is recorded in BenMAP. For example,

if the baseline incidence rate is for asthma-related hospital admissions, be sure you have

recorded the endpoint group as "Hospital Admissions, Asthma" and the endpoint as "HA,


I've loaded a new grid and new population data into BenMAP but I can't seem to use

these new data

Be sure to load the new grid definition first. Next, load the population dataset and be sure to

select your new grid definition.

How do I generate a population dataset for a new grid definition?

You can generate a population dataset using a variety of approaches. The key is that you

need to have a shapefile of your area of interest (e.g., census tracts in a city) and you have

census data matching your area of interest. One source for both a shapefile and the

associated population data is the U.S. Census Bureau. (A variety of other agencies have

census data, and you need to check around for your area of interest.) Another option for U.S.

population data is to use the PopGrid software application, described in appendix on

Population Data for U.S. Setup. Using PopGrid, you still need to have a shapefile for your

area of interest.



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