QALY Data

Table 4-15a presents the variables that can be used in QALY datasets, and Table 4-15b

presents a sample of what a dataset might look like.

4.2 Export and Import Setups

BenMAP allows you to export and import entire databases (all Setups), individual Setups, and

parts of individual Setups (e.g. all GridDefinitions, or individual health impact Function DataSets).

This functionality can be used to share data with other BenMAP users, as well as to allow you to

move databases between computers. In particular, all of the steps involved in creating a Setup

can be done just once, after which the data can be exported and then imported on other


4.2.1 Export Setups

To export part or all of an existing setup, go to the Tools drop-down menu, and choose the

Database Export option.



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