In the QALY DataSet Name type the name of the dataset that will be added. Then click the

Browse button to find the QALY database that you want to load. This will bring up the Open

window. Use the File of Type drop-down list to choose the type of file (e.g., MS Access

Database). Choose the QALY database and click Open. This will bring you back to the Load

QALY DataSet window.

Each QALY dataset is assumed to be specific to an Endpoint Group and Endpoint, so use the

Endpoint Group and Endpoint drop-down menus to identify the appropriate selections.

Next use the Qualifier box to provide a brief description of the datafile. When creating an APV

Configuration, you will see this Qualifier description, so choose a description that adequately

captures what you have in your QALY datafile. There can be multiple QALY datafiles, in which

case the Qualifier can be quite useful.

Finally, include a detailed description in the Description box. This is not required, but can be

useful when comparing different QALY datasets.



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