If you load in your own valuation functions and/or income growth adjustment factors, be sure that

you have carefully considered the income year. For example, if your valuation functions are

based on income in the year 2005, then the income growth adjustment should have a value of 1.0

in 2005, because no adjustment is necessary. As you forecast into the future, under the

assumption that incomes go up over time, then your income growth adjustment factors would

have values greater than 1.0 for years past 2005, and would have values less than 1.0 for years

prior to 2005.

To add income growth data to BenMAP, click on the Edit button below the Income Growth

Adjustments box in the Manage Setups window. The Income Growth Adjustment

DataSet Manager window will appear.

In this window you may Add and Delete datasets. The section on the left under Available

DataSets lists the income growth datasets that are currently in the setup database. The section

on the right presents the income growth adjustment factors in a selected dataset.

Click on the Add button. In the Load Income Growth Adjustment Factors DataSet

window, type in the name of the dataset in the Income Growth Adjustment DataSetName

box, and then click on the Browse button to the right of the Database box to choose the dataset

that you want to import.

Loading Data

BenMAP User's Manual 111 October 2012

Click OK. The Income Growth Adjustment DataSet Manager window will appear. Here

you may view the data that you just loaded.



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