The columns within each of the list boxes can be rearranged in order to provide the most useful

display. By clicking and holding the cursor on a column, you may move it within either the Tree

or Data boxes, or you may move columns between boxes. (Note that rearranging the columns is

only for display and has no effect on the underlying Valuation function dataset.)

In the Valuation Function DataSet Definition window you can also edit the functions already

existing in your data set by highlighting a particular Valuation function and then clicking the Edit


The Valuation Function Definition window allows you to change any of the values in the boxes

and the drop-down lists. When you are finished click OK.

From the Valuation Function DataSet Definition window you can also add Valuation

functions to the ones that are already in your dataset. Click the Add button and a blank

Valuation Function Definition window will appear, and you can then create a new Valuation


After defining the new Valuation function, click OK. This will take you back to the Valuation

Function DataSet Definition window. When you are finished with any editing or adding of

valuation functions click OK. The Manage Setups window will appear. Here in the Valuation

Function DataSets box you should see an entry for the valuation function dataset that you just

loaded. Format Valuation Data

Table 4-11 presents the variables that can be used in valuation datasets.



n301 - n302 - n303 - n304 - n305 - n306 - n307 - n308 - n309 - n310 - n311 - n312 - n313 - n314 - n315 - n316 - n317 - n318 - n319 - n320 - n321 - n322 - n323 - n324 - n325 - n326 - n327 - n328 - n329 - n330 - n331 - n332 - n333 - n334 - n335 - n336 - n337 - n338 - n339 - n340 - n341 - n342 - n343 - n344 - n345 - n346 - n347 - n348 - n349 - n350


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