In this window you may Add, Edit, and Delete datasets. The section on the left under

Available DataSets lists the valuation datasets that are currently in the setup database. The

section on the right under the Valuation Functions in DataSet lets you view the valuation

factors in a selected dataset.

To add a dataset click on Add. In the Valuation Function DataSet Name type the name of

the dataset that will be added.

You may load valuation data with an externally-created database, or you may add individual

valuation functions from within BenMAP. To load an externally-created valuation database, click

on the Load From Database button. This will bring you to the Load a Valuation Function

Database window.

In the Load a Valuation Function Database window use the File of Type drop-down list to

choose the type of file (e.g., MS Access Database). Choose the valuation database and click

Open. This will bring you back to the Valuation Function DataSet Definition window. Here

you can view the valuation functions that you have in your database.

Note that the large box is divided in two. On the left is the Tree and on the right is the Data.

The tree can be expanded by clicking on the “+” sign, or contracted by clicking on the “-“ sign.




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