4.1.9 Valuation Data

BenMAP allows the valuation estimates to vary by Endpoint Group, Endpoint, and Age (note

that multiple estimates may be provided for a particular combination). BenMAP allows the

valuation function to be quite detailed, and allows an uncertain parameter (A) with a userspecified

distribution. The user can modify the valuation function with a number of constant

values (B, C, and D) that might represent an adjustment for inflation, income growth, income

elasticity, or, say, purchasing power parity. Finally, BenMAP has two fields to more clearly

identify the valuation function (i.e., Qualifier and Reference).

When reviewing the economic literature to develop a valuation database or simply add additional

valuation functions to an existing database, it is important to have an economist assist. For an

overview of valuation, see the Overview of Valuation section in the chapter on Aggregation,

Pooling, and Valuation.

To add valuation functions to BenMAP, click on the Edit button below the Valuation DataSets

box in the Manage Setups window. The Manage Valuation Function DataSets window

will appear.



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