At this point you may click Add to load an additional dataset, click Edit to edit the selected

dataset, click Delete to delete the selected dataset, or complete this variable management step

by clicking OK.

Clicking OK returns you to the Manage Setups window, where in the Variable DataSets

box, you should see an entry for the variable dataset that you just created. Format Variable Data

Table 4-9a presents the variables that can be used in variable datasets, and Table 4-9b presents

a sample of what a dataset might look like.


4.1.8 Inflation Data

It may be desirable for the dollar values generated by Valuation functions to account for inflation,

and generate economic benefits for years other than the year initially specified by your valuation

data. To do this, you can load inflation data into BenMAP, and then include a reference to your

inflation data when developing valuation functions. (We give an example of this below.)

The valuation functions should have a consistent dollar year, and this dollar year has to be kept in

mind when developing the inflation datasets. That is, whichever dollar year is used for your

valuation functions, then the inflation values for that year should be set to 1. For example, in the

U.S. setup, the valuation functions have a dollar year of 2000, so the inflation datasets have a

value of 1 for the year 2000. (Values for years earlier than 2000 are less than 1, and values for

years after 2000 are greater than 1, because inflation has increased from one year to the next.)

The U.S. setup in BenMAP provides inflation factors for three different types of values:

All Goods Index can be used to adjust the value of generic goods.

Medical Cost Index can be used to adjust the value of medical expenses.

Wage Index can be used to adjust the value of wages.




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