To start, type the name that you want to use for the dataset in the DataSet Name box. (This is

a name that is internal to BenMAP and used just for identification.)

To add an externally created variable database, click the Load From Database button. This

will bring up the Load Variable Database window choose. Here you need to choose the grid

definition from the Grid Definition drop-down list that matches the level of aggregation in your

variable database. Then you may use the Browse button to find and select the desired data file.


You may also add Global variables to the dataset by clicking on the Add button in the Setup

Variable DataSet Definition window. After clicking Add, type the name of the variable where

it says Setup Variable 0 in the DataSet Variables list box, and then in Value box type the

value of the global variable.


When finished adding variables, click OK. This will take you to the Manage Setup Variable

DataSets window. In the Available DataSets list box there is an entry for the dataset that you

just added. And in the DataSet Variables list box are the variables in the highlighted dataset.



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