4.1.7 Variable Data

Health Impact functions and/or Valuation functions may sometimes refer to variables other than

those for which BenMAP automatically calculates values. For example, some valuation functions

reference the median income within each area of analysis. To facilitate this, BenMAP allows you

to load datasets of variables, which may either be global values or may vary geographically

(meaning they are associated with a Grid Definition).

Loading Data

BenMAP User's Manual 98 October 2012

To add variables to BenMAP (such as income and other miscellaneous variables that might be

needed in the analysis), click on the Edit button below the Variables DataSets box in the

Manage Setups window. The Manage Setup Variables DataSets window will appear.


In this window you may Add, Edit, and Delete datasets. The section on the left under

Available DataSets lists the variables datasets that are currently in the setup database. The

section on the right under the DataSet Variables lets you view the variables in a selected


To add variables click the Add button. This will take you to the Setup Variable DataSet

Definition window. In this window you may add externally created variables through the Load

From Data button for any of your predefined grid definitions. Alternatively, by clicking the Add

button you may create global variables to your dataset that are not tied to a specific geographic




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