The C-R Function DataSet Definition window will reappear, and you can then view the health

impact functions that you have loaded into your dataset. Note that the central boxed area in this

window has two parts. On the left is the Tree and on the right is the Data.

The columns within each of the list boxes can be rearranged in order to provide the most useful

display. By clicking and holding the cursor on a column, you may move it within either the Tree

or Data boxes, or you may move columns between boxes. For example, by clicking and holding

on the Pollutant column and then dragging it to the far left of the tree, you can sort all of the

health impact functions by Pollutant. (Note rearranging the columns is only for display and has no

effect on the underlying health impact function database.)

Clicking OK brings you back to the Manage C-R Function DataSets window. Here you

have the opportunity to view the functions in your dataset. If you have more than one dataset,

you can choose the dataset that you want to view in the Available DataSets in the left-hand

section of the window. In the C-R Functions in DataSet in the right-hand section of the

window, you have the same Tree and Data structure that you have in the C-R Function

DataSet Definition window.



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