Format Population Data

Table 4-7 presents the variables that can be used in population datasets. Note that the names

used for the age ranges do not need to follow this same pattern, and instead should be based on

what seems most appropriate for you.


4.1.6 Health Impact Functions

Health impact functions calculate the change in the number of adverse health effects among a

certain population associated with a change in exposure to air pollution. A typical health impact

function has inputs specifying the pollutant; the metric (daily, seasonal, and/or annual); the age,

race, ethnicity, and gender of the population affected; and the incidence rate of the adverse health


Health impact functions are subdivided by user-specified types of adverse health effects. The

broadest category is the Endpoint Group, which represents a broad class of adverse health

effects, such as premature mortality, cardiovascular-related hospital admissions, and respiratoryrelated

hospital admissions, among other categories. (BenMAP only allows pooling of adverse

health effects to occur within a given endpoint group, as it generally does not make sense to sum

or average together the number of cases of disparate health effects, such as premature mortality

and chronic bronchitis.) The Endpoint Group may then be subdivided by user-specified

Endpoints. For example, the respiratory-related hospital admission Endpoint Group, may have

separate Endpoints for Asthma-related hospital admissions and chronic bronchitis-related

hospital admissions.




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