Click OK when you have defined the age range. If you make a mistake and want to delete an

age definition after you have entered it, click on the Delete button. This will remove the last age

group that you have entered. (Click on it twice if you want to remove the last two age groups

that you entered.) The population configurations can be quite detailed as in the case of the

United States Census population configuration that comes loaded with BenMAP.

Click OK to return to the Load Population DataSet window. From the Grid Definition

drop-down list choose the grid definition (e.g., Tract). Then click on the Browse button to the

right of the Database box to choose the population data file to be loaded into BenMAP.

To finish loading the population datafile, click OK. The Manage Population DataSets

window will appear displaying the characteristics of the available population datafile that you just

loaded and any other datasets that have already been loaded into BenMAP.

Click OK. In the Population DataSets box of the Manage Setups window you should see an

entry for the population dataset that you just loaded.



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