In the Population Configuration Name, replace "PopulationConfiguration 0" with a name of your

choosing. Under the Races box click on New and type in the name for any races present in your

population data. The names appear in both the Races list box and the Available Races list

box. (If you later create alternative population configurations, you can simply drag the relevant

names from the Available Races list box into the Races list box.) Similarly, under the

Available Genders and Available Ethnicity list boxes click on New and type in the name for

any ethnicity and gender identifiers present in your population data.

If you want to remove a category in Races, Genders, and Ethnicity list boxes, then highlight

the entry that you want to remove and click the Remove button. (It is not possible to remove

entries from either the Available Races, Available Genders, or Available Ethnicity list



The next step is to create the age groups that match the age groups in your population file. To

Loading Data

BenMAP User's Manual 87 October 2012

start click on the Add button below the Age Ranges list box. The AgeRange Definition

window will appear. Type in the name of the age variable in the Age Range ID box and the

upper bound of the age range in the High Age box. (BenMAP automatically fills in the value for

the Low Age box.) For example, the age range names (with corresponding low and high ages)

might include the following: 0to0, 1to4, 5to9, 10to14, 15to19, 20to24, 25to29, 30to34,

35to39, 40to44, 45to49, 50to54, 55to59, 60to64, 65to69, 70to74, 75to79, 80to84, and

85up. The choice of the names is up to you. However, you must be sure that the names exactly

match those in your population datafile.




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