This brings up the Load Population DataSet window, which has a number of important

features. The Population DataSet Name box allows you to name the dataset.

The Population Configuration Definition window allows you to define the variables that are in

the population data file to be loaded into BenMAP. Use the drop-down list to choose an existing

population configuration and then view it by clicking the View button, or you may click the Add

button and define a new population configuration.

The Grid Definition drop-down list provides the list of existing grid definitions, and you need to

choose the grid definition that matches that in the population dataset. The Browse button to the

right of the Database box allows to find the datafile that you want to load into BenMAP.


The Use Population Growth Weights checkbox should be checked when using population

data generated by the PopGrid software application. The population weights file assists in

forecasting population levels. This topic is fairly involved, so we have deferred discussion until

the appendix.

Defining a Population Configuration

The Population Configuration defines the age range, race, and gender of the variables in your

population database. It is critical that the definitions in the population configuration match those

used in the development of the database. If they do not match exactly, BenMAP will fail to load

the population data. (If this occurs, you need to go back and either develop a new population

configuration to match your data, or you need to revise your population database so that it

matches the population configuration.)

To add a population configuration, click the Add button in the Load Population DataSet




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